Voices of Zimbabwe is an initiative of Trust Africa’s Zimbabwe Alliance and Research and Advocacy Unit to develop an iterative dialogue process using surveying as a way to foster greater citizen agency.



About Us

Named the first online opinion polling platform in Zimbabwe by TechZim, Zimbabwe’s leading technology blog. Voices of Zimbabwe (VoZ) is a platform for and by the citizens to have uncensored discussion around their priorities. Voices of Zimbabwe is a self-given name by the respondent pool. Using affordable communication technologies like WhatsApp, VoZ creates an iterative dialogue with the poll through a feedback look to articulate with the pool for further reflection and sharing with downstream communities. Ultimately, the VoZ platform seeks to capture and reflect back citizen opinion and mood to influence priorities, policies, and even programming by civil society and development agencies. The platform is an initiative of Trust Africa’s Zimbabwe Alliance initiative and Research and Advocacy Unit.

Who are the Voices of Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe has 10 provinces and the diaspora

Top 5 geographic representation

Harare 31%

Mashonaland West 19%

Bulawayo 11%

Mashonaland East 9%

Midlands 8%

Diaspora 2%

Consistent pool of 161 respondents

71% / 29% women

66% of the respondents are 18 – 39 years old

To date VoZ has conducted polls on a range of topical socio-economic and political issues, including:

Introducing Voices of Zimbabwe and what Zimbabwe wanted for Christmas 2017

Operation Restore Legacy and November 2017 March

Consumer Information, Information and Media Credibility

Economic Activity

National Peace, Healing and Reconciliation

Labour: Nurses Strike

Election Priorities

Investment Priorities, Frameworks and Local Content