Voices of Zimbabwe is an initiative of Trust Africa’s Zimbabwe Alliance and Research and Advocacy Unit to develop an iterative dialogue process using surveying as a way to foster greater citizen agency.



We are growing!

Thank you for your support. We appreciate all the ways in which you took part in Voices of Zimbabwe by sharing your thoughts and being a part of the discussion about the Zimbabwe we want.

One year on from launching Voices of Zimbabwe, the dynamic respondent pool has spoken reguarly and consistently on their priorities and aspirations. The overwhelming tren is that there are three public goods which will help Zimbabwean meet their aspirations:

  1. Inclusive economic solutions
  2. Building Trust in Institutions and processes; and
  3. Redressing past historical conflicts.

The first cycle of Voices of Zimbabwe showed us citizens are fed up with political punditry which pits them against each other and narrows discussion to politicla impasses. People want to talk about and hear stories of what is working, and solutions to help comunities achieve their collective aspirations.

We are growing and changing to meet our community’s evolving needs. The next phase of Voices of Zimbabwe will share information and create analysis that allows for deeper discussion and a better understanding of our country and the world we live. You will find us on Facebook @VoicesofZim and Twitter @Voices_ZW

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